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Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of the fibrous tissue tendon that is found below the foot. The fibrous tissue is the connection between the toes and the heels. The fibrous tissue is referred to as plantar fascia and its purpose is for shock absorption. Flat feet and inward pointing knees are some of the causes of the swelling due to uneven weight distribution of body weight on the foot leading to wrong walking patterns.

Another cause of plantar fasciitis is improper foot wear. The shoes should be able to aid the protection of the foot and therefore thin-soled and loose shoes should be avoided. Prolonged use of high-heeled shoes reduces the length of Achilles tendon which leads to stressing of the plantar fascia. Increase in weight also leads inflammation of the tissue due to unexpected stress on the foot.

If you happen to feel acute pain when you make your first step to walk after sitting then you could be suffering from plantar fasciitis. Increase in the pain comes when you walk or stand for so long. During exercise the pain reduces and starts again immediately to stop the exercise. If you suspect that you have the problem then you should seek doctors attention to confirm you suspicion before you start the treatment process.
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In order to cure the situation after confirmation from your doctor, you should use the following techniques. Night splints is the most efficient way to cure the pain. Night splints are tools that are used to release pressure on the tendon at night while you are sleeping. Most people do not prefer the use of night splints because they are usually uncomfortable.
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In order to reduce the stress on the foot tissue tendon you should make sure that you shoes fits you well and low-heeled. The shoes should be able to absorb shock while you are walking. There is no need of buying new pairs of choose if the condition required can be achieved by replacing the inner soles of your shoes. In order to reduce the stress felt be the foot tendon the insoles should have large pad area and soft.

Apart from appropriate footwear and nigh splints, plantar fasciitis can also be cure through regular foot massages. The massage should be concentrated around the ankle. The problem cans also be cured through regular simple home exercises. You will be able to notice some difference after a week of implementing the treatment techniques. You should start the curing process as soon as you feel the pain since it’s hard to do your daily activities with it.

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