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Types of Loading Dock Gear

In order to ensure easy and safe offloading and loading of material at the harbor, use of dock loading equipment is vital. Here we will focus on discussing some types of dock loading equipment, their features and uses.

First there is the Dock Levelers. This equipment ensures easy movement of goods from the docks to the trucks. They are important because they form a connection between the dock and the trailers thus making sure goods are transferred safely and easily. There are three types of dock levelers depending on the drive mechanism they possess. These are, hydraulic, mechanic and pneumatic.

The least expensive is the mechanical type. It has a spring and chain mechanism that lifts or lowers the deck. Hydraulic levelers are used when transferring material that is large in volume. they are automated and operated just by a push of a button. Pneumatic levelers raise the deck by using airbags. This type of levelers are steadily becoming popular due to their simplicity of operation and low maintenance.

There is another dock leveler type that is popularly used and it is called the vertical dock leveler. It is the hydraulic leveler kind that stays upright whenever it is not being used. Due to this characteristic, this leveler can keep clean and its energy efficiency enhanced.

You should consider the volume of goods to be moved, the height adjustment and the weight a leveler can handle when choosing one.

Another dock loading gear is the vehicle restraint. This equipment ensures that safety is maintained at the harbor. Vehicle restraints are used to keep loading and unloading trucks at the dock in place. This is necessary as accidents can occur while trucks are moving the loaded material. You can use Electro-hydraulic, Electro-mechanical or mechanical vehicle restraints in your facility. When choosing this loading equipment, you ought to ensure that it is friendly to use.
In addition, there is the Dock seals gear used in loading at the harbor. This equipment is used to seal the gaps between the dock door and the trailer. This prevents air leakage. This enhances goods safety and eliminates the possibility of contaminating stored goods. This contamination usually occurs because of air infiltration. There are inflatable seals which are the most extensively used. These are used to seal the top of the trailer as well as the flanks. There is the pad seal that is quite popular due to its cheap cost.

Other kinds of dock loading equipment not discussed above include lifts, lights, bumpers etc. Several factors should be considered before purchasing loading dock equipment. These considerations include the price, the manufacturing company, the safety characteristics of the equipment as well as other specifications like the volume of material to be handled, the weight and the material the equipment is made of.

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