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The Story of Ami Shroyer

Knowing how to deal with grief is very important, in 2015 Ami’s husband Mike died when he breathed in an obstruction. Ami Shroyer had the most difficult time since she didn’t deal with her grief yet rather she concentrated so much on what really caused the death of her significant other. Ami talks to medical employees telling them there is a problem in the standard health care. She is continually trying to converse with individuals and educating them against the dangers of overmedication by discussing the loss of her better half.

Ami shows a brief video of 5 minutes which she uses to expound on her story, she also uses articles to explain the same story. She recollects how hard it was for her to assist in the making of this video she is demonstrating; she additionally says that it is typically hard for her to watch the video. This video is about Mike and how he loved his family and God. This video is very emotional yet Ami is happy that she has a chance to share this in the world.

Mike was cleaning a family property for an event when he took in something that stuck into his lungs. Mike starting battling with this when he found out that his breathing was not normal, and his neck and lungs had begun to experience obstruction. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors did not perceive what the issue was and they proposed that he may be put under intense treatment.

Mike did not receive any analysis of his problem but he has to deal, with the side effects of the medication he was put through for weeks. Exactly when Mike died Ami saw that overmedication was the huge explanation behind the death of her significant other. This is in light of the fact that she didn’t find any reason of the death of her better half from the autopsy or the toxicology analysis. She opens up about how hard it was for the medical staff in the hospital her husband was to open up about what really happened to her significant other.

Ami is continually conversing with the medical staff to change their requirements and guarantee that they handle people with a lot of humanity. Ami uses the story of Mike as an easy way in which she arrived at conditions that led to the death of her husband and finding trust by getting a true meaning to what happened to her husband. Ami uses her story to talk to the world on how to deal with bitterness, pain and hurt through the help of Gods goodness.
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