How I Became An Expert on Dogs

Importance of Having a Dog

Dogs are significant pets in humans’ life. They are kept in our homes because if their interactive nature. Some people refer to them as man’s best friend of all the pets. Dogs don’t need too much attention or maintenance. When a dog is well fed it doesn’t mind about other conditions in the homestead. These canines are very much humble and take orders from the owners without questioning. Dogs are of the various types. Dogs are different, and their colors are also very different. Some dogs are more expensive than others depending on breed and their history. Some breeds are known to be more reliable as the can learn fast and can survive different environments.

Security is the number one factor why everyone needs to own a dog. Dogs are very much efficient in security matters. When provoked dogs can be very much dangerous and can cause harm. A dog marks its territory which is the particular homestead it lives. Dogs have a strong sense of smell that combines with its memory to make them very much reliable to humans. Using the smelling sense dogs quickly understand when they have company in their territory. They bark loudly to alert the owners and also instill fear to the intruder. Anything that gets into the premises is noticed by the dog first.

Due to their powerful sense of smell, some dogs have been used in the police forces and military forces. They can detect familiar smells to certain drugs. Police use dogs to detect possible hideouts of criminals. They are mostly applied when criminals are required alive or need to be handled in a way that they won’t escape. Such dogs only take command from individuals in charge of them. The sole purpose of these dogs is to protect human beings where there is a possibility of an attack. Dogs are swift and can run faster than humans, and that’s why police use them when possible culprits escape.

Humans don’t get bored when a dog is around. When one is in distress dogs can help minimize the feeling. Dogs and humans like playing, and that’s why they find it easier to live together. The friendly nature of dogs allow humans to pet them and relieve stress. Some parents who work for long hours away from the children feel safe when a dog is in the house. Some folks use the dogs to teach their children how to be courageous in life and also humility.

Interacting with a dog when one is lonely in the house helps one to improve their interacting skills. Day today interaction with a dog makes one feel the importance of always having company near. Due to dogs high speed of running people train with them. Dogs offer assistance to people, and that’s the reason people find it easy to live with them.
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