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Money Lending 101 in Asia: Learn How it’s Done Here is the bomb question for all beginners out there like you in money lending, do you have any IRAs, 401k, or investment capital that is not earning you 12% predictably and safer? If you say yes then this article is the best one for you. The second question is do you know how your bank makes the money? So they make money out on a higher rate of interest to those who are in money lending through the money on CD, savings, and other investments, which is you. Money lenders you say? Yes, that’s true. It’s simple and you, the future money lender, are cutting out the middleman. The question fits this way, is Asia the best place to do money lending? You’re absolutely right, since all the regions in Asia are booming, the Middle East and it’s oil economy, South East Asian young tigers, the Mother China and its giant companies, the South Koreans, the Japanese, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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This is how private money lending works. Those private money lenders are going to buy houses and sell them. To buy houses, money lenders prefer private individuals to fund the investments. The money lenders pay 12% interest or 20% of the profit to use your money. It is really simple. Think of it like you would be in a backseat. That’s how simple it is.
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So this thing works? First, money lenders will find properties they want to buy. They borrow the funds from you to purchase the property. They have a formal closing and you get the mortgage of the home and also other documents. It is to their advantage that they can buy at deeper discounts due to the fact that they have available source of unlimited cash. So this is a quick summary of how it works. First, the private lender comes in to the picture. It is the responsibility of the money lender to give out secured documentation of the investments. They will start looking out for properties to purchase then buy. They will renovate the property. They will make sure that properties are sold. The profit is shared either 12 or 20 percent. Repeating the process after they rinse. It goes to show how easy it is. Asia has bountiful opportunities for you. There are qualified professionals who can help you in money lender Singapore. And since you are asking about those payments. How does payment happens here? What is the payment scheme in two different forms are and which one should you choose? Either you get the quarterly payments of this 12% simple interest or the interest accrues onto house that is sold which you will receive in one payment check of the principal and interest. Now think about which one you like. Think about it how you’re going to withdraw from a CD pretty much a low return and even if you take it out you’re still going to make more money with the money lenders after the penalty. It is a win-win situation for all.

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